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At soadora.com you can have the best of both worlds, I can be naughty but I can also be nice. Just because I have tattoos doesn't mean that I'm a little rough around the edges...well, not always! I like to think of myself as the hardest cupcake in the industry :)

Not only will I be sharing 2 brand new strip sets of myself per month, but I will also share videos with you. My videos are different than most other sites video content because you don't only get to look at me, but you get to know me! I will share things about my day with you, some of my favorite hobbies, new clothing and whatever else I feel like sharing. I know this isn't a social network, but I think it'd be nice to know the girl you're looking at and that girl is me! My photos range from sweet and sensual to rough and rugged. No need to get bored here!

Thats me, Adora, in a nutshell ? ?

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